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Read this User Agreement carefully. This agreement is between you and the organizations that have made Health-e-Arizona Plus available to you. For information on Terms and Conditions, click here: Terms and Conditions You may only use Health-e-Arizona Plus if you agree to the following:

1. Health-e-Arizona Plus is licensed which means you cannot change, copy, or republish any part of it.

2. You may not use this software for anything other than to apply for public benefits in Arizona, or to update information.

3. Your answers to all questions in the application and any information you give us must be truthful and complete. This includes all information that you give to AHCCCS, DES, or their contractors whether through Health-e-Arizona Plus or by other means. When you submit the application, the Health-e-Arizona Plus system will ask you to confirm under penalty of perjury that the statements you made are true and correct to the best of your knowledge, and that you have not held back any information.

4. You may set up an account to apply for public benefits and to get into your own application and eligibility information that you enter for yourself and the other members of your family/household or as an authorized representative of other people or families/households.

5. If you abuse the system (for example, you do not tell us about a job you have so that you could get benefits that you are not eligible for) or try to use the system for any other purpose, we will terminate your account and you may be subject to criminal prosecution.

6. Health-e-Arizona Plus stores and shows confidential information. You are responsible for making sure this confidential information is not being shared with others. When you log into Health-e-Arizona Plus, you must use a computer that has a secure connection. For example, a computer firewall is recommended. Keep your password confidential.

By clicking the 'Accept' button, you agree to this User Agreement. If you click the 'Decline' button, you will not be able to set up an account or use Health-e-Arizona Plus to apply for benefits.